Maria Cristina Pichón Wütscher

My name is Maria Cristina Pichon Wütscher and I´m a retired psychologist and an animal lover. I admire their kindness, loyalty and selfless love; on the other hand I don´t tolerate the abuse of man to animals, and the right that some people think they have to make them suffer for recreation or pleasure.

I co-created this website for two purposes: firstly to provide general information about animals and how to create a good relationship with them. This would include things like data about different species of animals, how to create a bond with your cat, how to train your dog to have an appropriate behavior, food and hygiene products recommendations for your pet, etc. The second objective is to show the world how “humane” can animals be and how they got feelings too.

I encourage you to interact with my website; you can leave your opinions below the articles and write suggestions on the contact page. I hope your experience at is enriching and to have you constantly coming back!

Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo Garcia graduated as a Cinema Scriptwriter and Editor at Spain in 2012. Nowadays he mostly does online marketing and online consultancy for companies and individuals. Animals have always been one of his biggest passions and that´s what led him to co-create Unikorns. He writes the “Anecdotal”, “Famous Animals” and “Movies to Remember” sections of the website.