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Cat accessories – Toys, scratchers and more

When we decide to adopt a cat, it´s important to note that this animal will need to have a series of daily cares (playing with him, keeping him company, etc.) and he´ll have to learn some indoor behavior patterns. Domestic cats are usually calmed animals, more prone toward rest instead of action; they also don´t need to practice regular exercise for they maintain their muscle tone and body´s physiological functions in a natural way. This facilitates that a cat can spend his whole life in a small apartment without any problem.

domestic catImage / Ian Carroll. 


Keeping the new tenant in good condition is a commitment that you´ll assume, and that is why it´s important for you to buy some basic accessories and placing them in different areas of the house before the kitten arrives to its new home: litter box, bed, scratcher, carrier, brush, toys, water and feeding bowls, and protection for balconies and windows.

Litter box

Should be located in a quiet place, away from the television, stereo, washing machine… and easily accessible during the day and the night.

cat accessories - litter boxImage / “CambridgeBayWeather”. 

There are different types of absorbent sands, but the best ones are often those that are binding, which means that they compact into balls when in contact with the liquid and solid wastes, facilitating its removal and cleaning.

Place the litter box as far as possible of the feeding, watering and resting sites, as cats don´t like to eat or sleep near their droppings.


cat accessories - bedImage / Celeste Lindell. 

It should be soft, located in a quiet corner of the house that has no drafts, although it is true that many times the cat is the one who chooses where to rest. If he chooses to sleep in a chair or in your bed, you shouldn´t frighten or scream at him. It´s just a matter of taking him in your arms and carrying him to the right place; after repeating this several times, he’ll understand. In specialty stores you can find comfortable baskets, sleeping bags, tunnels and rounded beds with large pillows.


cat scratcher

Cat´s nails grow quickly and need a scratcher for getting sharpened. Scratching isn´t only to renew the nails but also for entertainment. This will keep him out of the house furniture and curtains. The latest scratcher´s models are authentic leisure areas, where in addition to sharpening the nails they can have fun with tools such as strings and games. If the house isn´t very spacious you can buy a small scratcher but with a height that allows him to sharpen his nails while standing.

A small garden

Cats like nature, relaxing on the grass and sliding through the bushes. In most cases, just a little imagination is needed to get an idyllic garden. If you don´t have a garden at home you can pick a corner to cover it with plants and tall grass, making it a miniature jungle for your cat. You should avoid the use of poisons against snails and mice, insecticides or herbicides for they can endanger the life of your cat.




The carrier is useful for taking him to the vet, house movings, trips and tours. In specialty stores they sell a wide range of carriers and you can choose the one that best suits the weight, size and characteristics of your cat. The most appropriate one is the rigid carrier, of plastic material with removable top. It´s important to get them used to the carrier as it´s a situation that stresses them when they´re inside.

What should I do to familiarize my cat to the carrier?

  • Place it in a visible and quiet place.
  • Leave the door open so he can enter and leave.

cat accessories - carrier

  • Set it up it with a blanket and toys.
  • Of the many times he enters, close the door and reward him with a special candy for cats.


Cats got the habit of getting washed and removing loose hairs from their body; it is normal that they swallow some amount of hairs that are eliminated by the intestine, but sometimes they can´t, especially when they´re cats with long fur. When this hairball is not eliminated their intestines may become blocked; if this happens, malt jelly is given to the cat to help him expel it.

owner brushing her catImage / Quinn Dombrowski.

This situation can be prevented by brushing him daily, especially if he´s got long hair, as he’ll have less hair to swallow.


cat accessories - toysImage“asinensis”.

There are cuddly toys out there to satisfy their hunting needs, even including a sound once the “prey” is caught. You can also find toys that stimulate their intelligence, curiosity and activity. However, you shouldn´t let him play with threads or rubber bands for they can be dangerous.

Water and feeding bowl

Must have one for food and another one for water (which should be clean and potable).

Protection of balconies and windows

protective net on windowImage / “Immortel”. 

You can avoid dangerous falls from balconies using protective nets so that your cat can look outside of the window without any risk of accidents. As an owner, you must provide all indoors security guarantees.

With these accessories you´ll surely guarantee a minimal comfort for your cat.