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Christian the Lion recognizes owners after 1 year

The real story of Christian the Lion has been floating around the web since several years now and has made many people shed tears. Christian and his owners received so much press that in the year 2008 Sony Pictures said they were interested in buying the rights in order to make a movie based on Christian.

So, what´s all this buzz about? In the year 1969 two university students from Australia (living in UK) bought a baby lion with whom a strong bond was created. The lion played constantly with them and truly loved his owners, evidenced by the pictures and videos from this time when Christian was constantly licking and hugging them. Nevertheless, after a year it was obvious that the lion couldn´t live anymore in the city, so the two Australians decided to take Christian to Kenya, where he would be reinserted in his natural habitat with the help of wildlife conservationist George Adamson (whose life inspired the movie “To Walk with Lions”).

The move was a successful one, and after a year without seeing Christian, John and Anthony decided to go to Kenya to say goodbye to the lion for the last time. The moment of reencounter was recorded and thanks to this we can see how much did Christian miss the Australians. This moment of reencounter was what made the story go viral and touched so many hearts; still, a picture is worth a thousand words so here below I´ve embedded a short video that focuses in the moment they meet together again. After seeing the video you may want to know more about the story; if that´s the case, there are dozens of other longer videos in Youtube about Christian, including full-length documentaries taken from TV. So here it is: